Klikko - a versatile and creative toy


Klikko is a great educational toy that is versatile and builds your child’s creativity, spatial intelligence and problem solving skills.

Klikko teaches the concept of numbers, geometry and space.  With a few basic geometric shapes and connectors, your child can start building simple models and slowly progress to complex models.  He/She will learn that geometry helps us discover patterns, find areas, volumes, lengths and angles, and better understand the world around us.  He/She will also learn to coordinate colours and shapes. 

Examples of basic models:

Basic Klikko Models

Examples of complex models:

Complex models

Parents and teachers will also find Klikko a very good teaching tool.  In the next article, I will share how you can use Klikko to introduce colours, shapes and mathematical concepts.  

Zippy's Bandana Bibs

Zippy bibs

Zippy Bibs is a UK brand and the winner of Mumii’s Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards.

Designed by mums who understand how bibs need to be absorbent yet still look good.  The fun bandana bibs are cool, stylish and fashionable.

The products are designed in soft 100% pure cotton, woven to a very high specification.  They use premium quality fleece to make the bibs lovely and soft.  These bibs are also super absorbent, and keep babies’ chests and outfits dry. 

Zippy Bibs are indeed a fun addition to accessorise babies' outfits!  

Top layer is soft, 100% pure cotton, comfy for babies to wear.

Underneath layer is absorbent fleece, keeps babies and toddlers drier for longer (no scratchy waterproof layer)

Zippy Bandana Bib FrontZippy Bandana Bib Back

Adjustable nickel free popper snaps to neatly fit newborns and toddlers (no irritating Velcro®)